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How to Choose the Right Timber Gate Style

Timber gates might be an overlooked part of home design. A right selection of it can enhance the look of the property significantly along with being functional.

Timber gates are naturally sourced, are affordable, sturdy and those beautiful wood aesthetics is an eye catcher. Whether you are looking for simple driveway gates or pedestrian gates, it is a common and preferred option. But what style of such gateways can suit best to your home style? 

We have curated our top recommendations for the right timber gates that can suit best for your property.

Why Choose Timber Gates?

Timber Gates are a popular option in the market and for all the right reasons.

✅  Timber Gates are extremely durable. The material Timber is a naturally sturdy material. With proper maintenance, it can last for months.

✅  They are relatively affordable compared to all the variety of options available in the market such as metal gates.

✅  It is easy to care. They can be cleaned with mild soap and water solution and a coat of wood preservative can protect it from elements for years to come.

All the more reasons for you to consider gateways as a reliable option.

Types of Timber Gates.

Timber Gates are extremely versatile, they come in a variety of choices that can compliment your individual preferences. 

Traditional Gates.

A Classic and Timeless option that works exceptionally well with period or traditional style homes. It is crafted with precision and elegance, and its simple structure of arched or panel styles can complement your home’s architectural beauty. They are made from solid woods that give it its natural sturdiness, a preferred option for driveway or pedestrian gates. 

Contemporary Style Gates.

Contemporary or Modern Style Gates are elegant, sleek and minimal design options that blend artistically well with modern homes. They are often found in a hybrid of metal + wood, wood + aluminium and their mixture elevates its looks perfectly. With its simple yet impactful appearance, such contemporary gateways are hot favourite choices for driveway gates. 

Rustic Gates.

Rustic Timber Gates have their own unique appearance. Its weathered, natural looks makes it a perfect option for houses with old school or country design.

It has a unique aged and rough look with a very simple design of just wooden slats compared to others having intricate design and minor carvings. It doesn’t need such close attention to details to appear aesthetic. Its Natural State does that job for it.

Rustic Gates are a great way to add a character and charm to your property. Its natural rockhold strength provides excellent security and privacy.

Balustrade Gates.

Balustrade Style Gates are an artistic touch to the age old functionality of timber gates. They are made from a series of Vertical Slats conjoined to horizontal rails. It only partially blocks the view and is often seen as designs of pedestrian gates.

They come in a variety of designs mainly available in simple style as well as ornamental looks with exceptional attention to detail – A solid showcase of Woodmakers artistic abilities. Still functional with all the qualities of timber gates remaining enact with being sturdy, affordable and made with durable materials.

A perfect option for homeowners looking to add style with security on their outdoor space.

Sliding Gates.

Sliding Timber Gates have been recently getting traction and is a very popular choice amongst homeowners who want sleek and minimalistic designs with better functionality. 

Such gateways are a hybrid and can be customised according to the details you prefer. It does not take up much area as it slides open and close and does not move forward-backward which makes it a good option to save space. 

It can easily complement both styles of homes whether it being traditional or modern. They can also be customised for the right size that suits your property. A recommended option for being stylish, durable, and easy to care for.


In all,

Whether you are looking for driveway gates or pedestrian gates, Craft in Wood has timber gates style that complements your preference and can fit in your budget.
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