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A Complete Guide to Choosing the right Wooden Gazebo and Pergola for your home

Everyone loves enjoying Outdoor Spaces. Spending time close to nature but dealing with the sun can be a conundrum that no one wants to deal with. A closed space like a wooden gazebo or a wooden pergola – an open structure with appropriate shade that can block out excess sun, rain and wind. 

A gazebo or pergola can be customised to deliver better comfort like a living room or a backyard patio. They are beautiful structures that bring out the beauty of your property and can elevate its looks. 

So What are Wooden Gazebos and Pergolas

Wooden gazebo – gazebos are freestanding structures with usually hexagonal or octagonal space. Made from different types of woods, it has a built-in sitting in a sheltered area.

Wooden pergolas  – A pergola is an outdoor structure having a roofing grid with wooden columns that can be partially or completely spaced out. They can be freestanding or attached to the home.

Gazebos are a closed area providing proper shade and more protection from elements, while pergolas can provide partial shade but you can cover it with vines and plants.

Gazebos can generally be more expensive compared to pergolas which can be an affordable option.

We will explore more about this further and help you choose the right outdoor structure that brings the ambience of – the comfort of home on the outside.

Wooden Gazebo : A Guide

Gazebos are an architectural statement. They have been around since the mediaeval and renaissance periods. Garden Gazebo has been an ornamental decor for gardens since the Roman and Greek era. Teahouses – a form of this structure has been popular in Japanese culture. You can also find exceptional artwork on these in Indian Mahals and Royal Palaces.

Wooden Gazebos are an exceptional choice as wood is a natural and beautiful material which is easy to work with. It blends perfectly with green backdrops and with the right type of wood, it can elevate the whole look of your property.

Types of Wooden Gazebos

Traditional Gazebos:

A common and timeless piece that appears artistic and is functional in providing complete privacy. It is either squared or octagonal with a peaked roof. They are typically made from pressure treated woods like redwood, cedar, or other types of wood. 

Victorian Gazebos:

Victorian Wooden Gazebo can be characterised by its exquisite and elaborate design. It can be completely wooden or can blend well with white marble. They generally have a curved roof, intricate woodwork and decorative finials. Made from timber, cedar and such other woods.

Modern Gazebos:

Modern Wooden Gazebo have a minimalistic and light appearance that can be customised with stain and paint to match the exterior of your home. Made from lightweight woods and have clean lines and simple shapes. A perfect cosy space that makes you want to spend more time outside.

Wooden Pergolas : A Guide

Patio Roofs are now commonly referred to as pergolas. It provides protection from elements and cleverly extends your home’s living space. It has flat roofs and such arbours are more of a supporting structures for vines that can elongate with garden areas.

Pergolas might not provide complete shade but it can incorporate elements of  other outdoor structures like awnings as a roofing option for full sun coverage.

Wooden pergolas are a great addition to your outside space. You can customise it to suit your home’s exterior walls. Presenting to you some creative ideas to discover which arbour will suit best to your needs.

Types of wooden pergolas

Wooden Pergolas with roof

Wooden Pergolas with retractable roofs or sides such as open and close draping slats can be a suitable option as temporary shades. You can also tuck in blinds or awnings for complete protection from the sun. The roofs are generally made from wood slats spaced according to your suggestions.

Wooden Pergolas with vines

Wooden Pergolas are a sturdy and ideal outdoor structure that can be a great support for your climbing trees to grow on. It provides natural shade – almost a feeling of sitting under a tree with slight glimmers of sun rays shining upon you. 

A touch of beauty that blends well with wooden shades. 

Wooden Pergolas Leaned to Wall

Pergolas leaning to the wall has a functional quality. Not only it extends the exterior space of your property but by anchoring to a hard surface, it can get structural support which can increase its sturdiness in harsh climatic conditions. It is a good option if you have limited space in your backyard.

Tips to Choose the Right Wooden Pergolas and Gazebo.

  • Consider the climate in your area:  If you live in an area with harsh winters, you’ll need to choose a pergola or gazebo that is made from a durable material that can withstand the elements. Preferably a closed structure would be better to block the winds.
  • Think about how you will utilise your gazebo or pergola: If you plan on using it for entertaining guests, you’ll need to choose a size that can accommodate everyone comfortably. Or a small sitting area for chilling out on a Sunday morning with just family.
  • Get professional help for Installing a gazebo or pergola: Installing or building such structures can be a challenging task, so it’s important to get help from a professional who can handle this accurately.


With the growing popularity of outdoor spaces, You can turn it into a gorgeous oasis with a wooden gazebo or a wooden pergola. All you need is a little planning, effort and guidance. 

For more guidance and making your dream outdoor structure come to reality, turn to our expert wood designers of Craft in Wood. 
We can customise, build and guide you from determining the design to successfully installing pergola or gazebo. For more solutions on sydney fences and gates, arbours and pergolas get in touch with Craft in Wood Today! – Contact us and Get your Quote now!

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