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6 Trending Timber Wood Fence Ideas to elevate your property’s aesthetics in 2023

The history of wooden fences dates way back. They have been around since the beginning era of agriculture. Years have passed, but it still stands its test of time  being an economical, durable and an aesthetic option when installing fences.

In all, Fencing Sydney services has always seen a common trend of materials used being visually pleasing as well as super strong. 

Wooden Fences and Gates made from Timber are vividly used for its sturdiness, practicality and of course its aesthetics. They are crazy strong and capable of withstanding harsh climate conditions and come in different shapes and sizes giving consumers a wide range of choices to choose from. Moreover, it increases the value of property which makes it a popular choice amongst common homeowners across the nation. 

As we are nearly halfway through 2023, these are our hot favourite timber wood fence styles that might just fit your aesthetic if you are looking to install one.

1. Vertical Timber Wood Fence Style

Vertical Wood Fence has forever remained a classic and timeless choice for fencing sydney options. Featuring vertical timber wood slats at close space  which gives it a sleek and modern appeal. It appears tall and gives it a heightened sense of order.

Moreover, it provides excellent security and privacy which explains its popularity amongst households and commercial areas across Sydney. Such type of fencing is completely customisable based on height, width and spacing between the slats according to your property’s aesthetics.

2. Horizontal Timber Wood Fence Style

Horizontal Wood Fences might not be as popular as verticals but it is still a classic and beautiful option to choose. Timber Wood slats are placed close to each other to give it a contemporary and sleek look. It gives off a perfect vibe that fits in Modern and Minimalistic House Designs. 

The Horizontal structure creates an illusion of it being lengthier, spacier and wide, this makes your fence feel stretched. If you have either a small or big backyard, this will completely suit you in making your backyard space look bigger.

3. Tongue and Groove Fence Panel Style

If Complete Privacy is what you seek, Tongue and Groove Fence Panel Style might be a perfect choice for you. With its seamless and traditional style, it also provides excellent security. The stacks are arranged in an interconnected way, giving it a uniform look.

These are highly recommended for properties requiring complete privacy like backyards and swimming pools. With Wooden Textures back in trend, this may become a good option for you.

4. Balustrades Fence Style

An elegant and beautiful Balustrades Timber Fence will give your property a touch of sophistication and royalty. An all time classic featuring wooden slats vertically placed at a distance from each other giving it a decorative and ornamental look.

Properties with Traditional or Victorian design can work with it perfectly. Sure to Enchant those who pass by!

It is highly customisable allowing you to get crafty with it by engraving and chiselling. Along with being artistic, its spacious design allows the wind and sunlight to flow in. 

5. Picket Fence Style

A timeless design of vertical wooden slats spacely arranged with a pointed tip. It gives your home a perfect touch of nostalgia and suburban feels. Properties with country or cottage style can work with it pretty well. Amongst the abundance of choices, it remains an affordable, charming and quaint option you can always rely on.

6. Privacy Screen Fence Style

Fence Privacy Screen is a practical and functional option for you if you want exceptional privacy and security. It is recently becoming popular amongst homeowners for its features and beautiful timber wood aesthetics. It is structured with wooden stakes placed close together to create a solid and opaque barrier. 

It is also customisable, allowing you to choose the height, width, and spacing of the slats to match your property’s design. A complete solution to block prying eyes and elevate your home’s style.

Maintaining your wood fences should also be a priority as it might get overlooked. We have discuss more on it further:

Tips and Tricks for Maintaining Timber Wooden Fences and Gates:

To keep your wooden fences and gates looking their best, it is advised to maintain them regularly. Here are Craft in Wood’s personal tips and tricks to help you do so:

✅ Clean your fence and gate regularly with a mild detergent and water.

✅ Apply a protective coating to prevent rot and warping.

✅ Trim any overhanging branches or vegetation that may damage the fence or gate.

✅ Inspect your fence and gate regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear.


In conclusion, These latest timber wood fencing Sydney trends are perfect for elevating your property’s aesthetics in 2023. 

Whether you’re looking for a classic and timeless look or a modern and contemporary design, Craft In Wood has a fence style that will suit your needs. Contact us today for your complete fencing solution and get a quote now!

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