Top 5 Maintenance Tips You Must Follow During Autumn

Autumn is a lovely season of the year, but it has some drawbacks. During the fall season, a lot of individuals begin the task of raking up their leaves and storing them in bags or containers, preparing for disposal at the season’s end. Regrettably, if you choose to leave the leaves on your lawn, they can effortlessly blow into your fence and gate, resulting in damage that will require future repairs. Here are a few ways in which dry autumn leaves can harm your fences and gates, along with some fence maintenance tips during autumn to prevent such occurrences. 

Why are your Fences and Gates at Risk? 

During autumn, we are faced with the challenge of managing the fallen leaves from the trees in the yard. Although they may appear harmless, these leaves pose a serious threat to our fences and gates. When they dry out, they become brittle and can easily damage wooden slats or posts. Additionally, if the leaves become wet, they can lead to mold growth, further compromising the quality of the wood. 

What will occur if I don’t take care of them? 

If you neglect your wooden fences and gates, they will eventually suffer from damage. Moisture will be trapped by the leaves, resulting in rot. The leaves will also attract insects, potentially leading to infestation. Moreover, the leaves will block the sunlight, causing the wood to warp. Lastly, the weight of the leaves could even cause the fence or gate to collapse. 

Tips to prevent the damage 

  1. Proper installation & inspection : Properly install and regularly inspect your fence to prevent damage. Consider hiring a professional like us, if you are unsure about installation. Improperly placed fence posts are a common issue that can lead to damage during storms or heavy rainfall. 
  1. Spot & repair it : Identify and repair weak spots in your fence to prevent further damage. Secure loose fence posts by anchoring them in concrete and reattach any loose materials to keep the fence stable. 
  2. Fix or replace post rot  : Beware of post rot in wooden fences. Inspect the entire perimeter for any signs. If rot is found, prevent it with moisture or debris around the post. Redirect excess water and remove visible rot. If needed repair or replace the post as needed. 
  3. Fix leaning fence sections : Watch for leaning fence sections or a drooping gate caused by nearby trees or bushes. Address the root causes immediately by trimming overhanging branches and bushes. Reattach fence materials and fix the sagging gate to prevent further damage and reduce repair costs. 
  4. Do regular maintenance : After ensuring the leaning posts are repaired, reattach the rails to the stable posts. If any pickets or fence elements were detached, try reattaching them. Property owners should regularly evaluate and check their fences after major weather events. Wooden and some metal fences may need repainting or refinishing as recommended or when surfaces are visibly damaged.  
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Don’t Ignore the Damage! 

Don’t ignore fence damage, it’ll only worsen over time. These maintenance tips during autumn can take care of it before winter weather makes it hazardous. This will help your fence withstand winter storms.  

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