What are the things to Consider when selecting your Timber Gate?

A timber gate is one of those items that should always be present at your compound. Depending on the size of your mix, you may need numerous gates or only one. Choosing a suitable material is essential when purchasing a gate for your property. 

Aluminium or wrought-iron gates are popular, while others prefer wooden ones. Make sure the timber gate you put in, whatever materials you use, provides the highest level of protection for your home or business. 

If you are determined to purchase a timber gate, there are a few considerations you should give some attention to before going ahead and making your purchase. The essay that follows dives into a number of these concerns in greater detail:

1. The gate serves a specific function.

The purpose of the timber gates you choose to put at the entrance to your compound is not limited to one. Thinking about why you’re putting in a gate before you start building it is essential. Timber gates are great for aesthetic purposes and security around your property. Be cautious about using the timber gate you purchase for its intended use. Wooden gate varieties include:

  • Transit Gate
  • Gates for the Driveway, 
  • the Side, 
  • the Slide

2. How you design

The versatility in design and style available with timber gates is one of their many advantages. Your home’s aesthetic and taste will shape the creation of the timber gates you choose. The style of the timber gate is something to consider before making a purchase. As for the entrances, they are broken down as follows:

  • Traditional-Style Gate
  • A Balustrade-Decorated Gate
  • Sturdy, Elegant Gate
  • Fence with Pickets

3. Unique

Given the one-of-a-kind nature of each timber gate, the fact that they are all made to order means that you can have one made to your exact measurements and specifications (no two pieces of wood are identical).

4. The width of the size

Each carpenter makes their timber gate, and they vary in size. Some gates are pretty little, while others are far too big. The size of the gate you ultimately purchase is a crucial decision. Getting a timber gate that’s manageable and manageable is essential. Wooden gate sizes are decided by the opening through which they will be installed. When ordering custom timber gates, it’s necessary to have accurate dimensions. Rigid gate width requirements are as follows:

A. Involves Only One Gate

  • a Gate that is only 1m in width (to suit a 1.1m opening between jams or posts)
  • A 2.0m Singular Gate (to fit a 2.1m opening between knots or posts)
  • Size-specific (with a gap of 10cm between obstructions)

B. Gates, Double

  • 3.0m Gates, Double (to suit 3.1m opening between jams or posts)
  • Size-specific (with a gap of 10cm between obstructions)

5. Size and height

It would help if you thought about the size of your property and the size of the timber gates you intend to purchase. If the timber gate you’re looking to buy will serve as the main entrance to your compound, this is extremely important to consider. A sliding timber gate, for instance, is more suited to a large property because it needs more room to open and close. Remember this when looking for wooden gates.

6. Upkeep

The need for occasional upkeep is why people shy away from timber gates. While wooden gates need more care than iron-wrought ones, the benefits significantly outweigh the work spent maintaining them. After all, correctly maintained wooden gates can last for decades.

7. Allow for some wiggle room with furniture and fixtures

Wood offers the most versatility when it comes to picking, adding, and switching out fittings and fixtures. Unlike metal gates, wooden ones can have additional hardware such as latches or hinges added to them quickly.

8. Secrecy

As wood is inherently thicker than metal, timber gate are frequently more discreet than their metal counterparts. Discretion and safety can be had simultaneously with their selection of beautiful timber closeboard gates.

9. Sustainability

To a greater extent, wood may be reused than metal. Insist on buying things that you know were created using sustainably sourced timber. All timber gate are manufactured from responsibly sourced wood verified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

10. Convenience of Setup

Installing a gate might be difficult, especially if it is bulky. Determine if the timber gate you want to acquire will be simple to set up. Before purchasing, learn about the gate’s wood species to avoid purchasing a heavy timber gate that would be a pain to set up.


Wooden gates are less expensive than metal ones, which may help sway your decision. You still don’t believe me, do you? Please get in touch with them if you’re interested in getting an estimate for a new wooden gate from Craft in Wood. Supply just or supply and installation, Craft in Wood can do it all.

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