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Innovative Features to Consider When Installing Automatic Gates

Despite being envisioned for over a century, secure automatic gates have only recently emerged as a practical security option. Numerous companies now sell automatic swing gates entry systems that can be activated using proximity sensors, licence plate readers, or the internet. In addition, some products can update gates with protected automated entry systems.

The effectiveness of the various automatic solutions that are already accessible, however, varies greatly. Ensure your gate’s safety and optimal operation by selecting a suitable solution. Keep reading to know what to search for in an automatic gate entry system.

There Are No Four-Digit Codes

For many years, 4-digit PINs have been the standard for automatic gate entry systems. Since these alternatives constitute an improvement over the status quo, they have been routinely implemented at gates without human guards. However, the security of the building is seriously compromised by using 4-digit codes.

A major drawback of 4-digit codes is that, in most circumstances, everyone must use the same code. Hundreds of people have been able to crack the code over several years. A catastrophic security breach is highly risky if even one of those people is a criminal.

The fact that delivery people and guests frequently write the code on the call box for future use is another drawback to 4-digit codes. Most building supervisors give up on maintaining total security since it is difficult to erase graffiti from a call box.

More secure than 4-digit codes, today’s automatic gate entry systems come in various forms. Therefore, use systems that rely on something other than 4-digit codes when developing new solutions. Instead, try to find a way to let guests utilise their smartphones as keys. Then, you may boost safety while making things easier for guests and management.

Robust Motor

Manufacturers of gates often skimp on powerful motors in the belief that their customers will not notice or care. Slow gate opening is the most noticeable issue with low-powered motors. When the gate takes too long to open, it’s quite inconvenient for visitors to have to wait around. Visitors may become irritated if they are required to use a gate regularly.

The inability of a weak motor to fully open a gate is another problem. Weak motors can be easily worn out by continuous use. When gates’ motors fail, they may be inoperable for several days until maintenance crews are dispatched, and replacement parts are obtained.

Therefore, you need to be sure the motors on your gate can withstand the expected traffic. If the included motor is weak, customers can usually order a stronger one from the same company.

System for managing access

The automatic gates sydney at your residence can be opened and closed with the help of an access control system. A means of communicating with and viewing visitors is an option. They can be hardwired into a building or use wireless technologies such as radio, Wi-Fi, or GSM.

Keypads at the gate, internal release buttons that can’t be reached outside, proximity pads, and tags or cards are all possible extras. You could also install cables under the driveway that cars would have to drive over to trigger the entry mechanism


Automatic gates can be opened from a vehicle or on foot with the help of these little gadgets. They can be relied upon and do away with the requirement to contact an occupant of the home to gain access.

You get two with every set, and more are available if required. Make sure the type you pick will work within the required temperature range. In the extremely unlikely event that the distance between the gates is too great, a different receiving antenna can be set up.

Communication Systems

An intercom system can be as simple as a button by the gate and an alert sound within the house. When guests arrive, they press the button, and an employee or hostess inside releases the gate automatically.

Voice contact between a person at the gate and another inside the house is made possible by a system with greater complexity. The gate release button is part of this system, as is a telephone-style handset or an audio intercom on a desk or wall. The last option is a video feed that displays an image of the gatekeeper on an indoor screen.

How they open

Automatic gates often slide open or swing open. The former requires an adjacent free area in which to relocate without danger. The gates swing inward and open.

Install a safe-distance marker at the beginning of your driveway to help your guests know exactly where to stop their car while the gates are opening. 


Ensure you consider these factors to ensure your gate continues to work well into the future when selecting the automatic driveway gate that best suits your needs and the contractor to perform the installation. Craft In Wood is there to answer any questions you may have throughout the gate repair, installation, fencing sydney or maintenance process.

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