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5 Maintenance Tips for Wood Fencing

Generally, Timber fences are sturdy, durable and are made to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions easily. However, with simple wood fencing maintenance tips, you can ensure longevity and your fence to be in pristine condition lifelong. 

Your wooden fences or fence privacy screen are an integral part of your property. Not just in functionality but also aesthetics. It protects, adds privacy, and induces elegance to your garden and property. Dull, broken and tarnished fences are an eyesore and makes your property appear uninviting and unwelcoming to guests.

Keeping up with maintenance is essential as if you let it escalate further, you might face the costs of replacing it. It is also important if you are planning to sell the property as wood fencing being in optimum condition will help you get the asking price and not undervalue the property.

Here are Craft In Wood’s expert fencing maintenance tips to keep it in optimum condition and bring it back to life.

1. Look for any Signs of Damage or Loose Screws

Your timber wood fencing supposedly ages too. If your area has faced a recent storm, then the chances are your pickets might have absorbed some damage. Regularly look out for any signs of damage and watch out for loose screws as they being barren can be harmful in case your children are playing in the backyard.

If you might’ve come across any damage signs, you need to get it treated immediately as it can further escalate more and reduce sturdiness and durability of your wood fencing. Pluck out loose screws and replace with new screws if it is rusty.

2. Always Use Proper Equipment

Consider using proper equipment as getting them right can make sure all the problems and fixtures are treated correctly. This way, occurrences of common repairings can be less and you can ensure your wood fencing stays in optimum condition.

Some main things you need to get in order to clean are – 

    –  Simple salt water/bleach solution.

     –  Brushes/Rollers. 

     –  Hose/Power washers.

     –  Basic Toolkit.

3. Protect Surrounding Bushes and Plants

If you are going to blast your fence with a powerful hose, then you have to make sure that surrounding bushes and plants are safe so that they are not directly affected by the bleach solution. Make sure you cover them with a plastic sheet so that it is not exposed for direct contact with it and remain dry.

If there are plant pots that can be easily damaged, then move them temporarily until the cleaning has been done. Moreover, if you have decorated it with certain items like hanging pots or lighting, make sure to remove it beforehand. 

4. Regularly Clean It

Regularly cleaning them once in a while is beneficial as you can keep your fence looking recently installed all the time and it elevates your whole property’s looks and makes your home more inviting. 

Get rid of dust, debris and stains by properly cleaning and washing them. You can also hit your nearest hardware store and get a wood washing solution which can ensure the job is done quickly. A general hose to swish off the solution and your fence is off looking like the way it did when it was recently installed.

5. Seal it and if necessary Repaint it

Don’t forget to let the wood dry out before applying the seal to it. Sealing is important as it creates a layer between wood and paint and protects it from getting rotten and getting weak. If you have been observing the shade of tint getting light or peeled, then don’t forget to apply stain to it before painting as it will stick to it better.

It is the reason why you need to ensure the wood is dried out before staining as the stain will not stick together and applying paint to it directly can ruin both the tint’s appearance and the wood’s quality.


In Conclusion,

Wooden fences are easy to maintain and don’t require a long commitment of your precious time and hence, with regular attention and proper cleaning you can keep it in pristine condition and increase its longevity.

The Consistency of the maintenance process is up to you. Some prefer years and some months however our recommended time gap should be between 4-6 months to keep it in optimum condition for all year.
Looking to install proper wood fencing or fence privacy screens for your property? Our fencing Sydney-wide experts are here to make sure the job is done correctly and your property becomes functionally aesthetic. Contact us and let us get in touch!

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